Boatyard Services

Works of art in wood are created at the Pedrazzini boatyard. So your boat couldn’t be in better hands. All Pedrazzini runabouts are made at the boatyard in Bäch on Lake Zurich. A team of highly qualified specialists builds them by and with skill and perseverance. No one knows better how to keep a runabout in mint condition than Pedrazzini’s experts. So whenever your runabout requires attention, you are well advised to entrusted it to the hands of the very people who created it. They will service it thoroughly and impeccable to make sure it retains its timeless beauty.

Our Concierge services provide customers the ability to store their timeless classics in a secure facility when not in use. When you are ready to get back onto the water, we can have your boat prepared and waiting for you. Additionally, our staff can provide preventative maintenance and systems checks, washing and cleaning of your boat or we can even arrange to have your boat shipped to your next destination.


Pre-Owned Boats

Are you looking for a special vintage boat or a previously-owned runabout? Pedrazzini Middle East can help.
Pedrazzini Middle East provides referral assistance for vintage boats. Of course, all inquiries - for a certain model or year, for instance – are handled confidentially. For more information please contact us.