Welcome to Pedrazzini Middle East. Pedrazzini runabouts are a rare sight. And that's the way it should be.

Pedrazzini mahogany boats are treasured rarities. Sightings on waterways of this world are seldom. Very seldom. Only a few of these prized boats are crafted each year, and all models are made in strictly limited editions. But Pedrazzini boats are not only rare and exclusive because of the time-consuming and quality driven workmanship they embody. They also reflect a philosophy of restraint. After all, these runabouts are reserved for a small community of connoisseurs. If you're part of it, you know the feeling.

And now this same feeling can be felt here in the Middle East. Pedrazzini is proud to bring these exclusive boats into the region, allowing connoisseurs in Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE access to this fine line of luxurious mahogany boats.

Imagine cruising into Dubai Marina or La Marina Joseph Khoury on a Pedrazzini. On-lookers can't help to marvel at this handcrafted masterpiece. It's an icon of opulence, style and timeless elegance. Or simply put into one word: PEDRAZZINI.